We focus on leaders, interims, and contractors for Transplant and Telehealth


Executive & Physician Search

Transplant Physicians, Administrators, Directors, and QAPI

Interim Leadership

Temporary transplant professionals for interim leadership and QAPI

Telehealth Talent

Contractors for technical roles and leaders for direct hire

Talent We Recruit

Transplant Leaders
  • Surgical Director
  • Medical Director
  • Transplant Surgeon
  • Transplant Hepatologist
  • Transplant Nephrologist
  • Transplant Administrator
  • Clinical Director
  • Business Director
  • QAPI Director
National and Regional Search

SISKIN'S Executive Search process starts with understanding your vision, which we use to unlock candidate interest.

Attracting candidates from afar is part and parcel of successful recruiting in Transplant. Transplant programs are scare; just 134 cities in the US have a transplant center, and 81 cities have just one center. A qualified leader will typically need to be attracted from afar.

Successful transplant leaders are deeply invested in their current program. To spark interest, candidates need a dialog that sifts through your vision, institutional support, program leadership, and team culture.

We specialize in Transplant. We know who is qualified, and we engage those people directly to discuss your opportunity.

Interim Leaders and Consultants
  • Transplant Administrator
  • Clinical Director
  • Business Director
  • QAPI Director
Fast Access to Seasoned Professionals

Our interim leaders and consultants will support your program during a leadership transition, regulatory response, or transient project need. Assignments are typically 3+ months. SISKIN takes care of payroll, taxes, insurance, and compliance with applicable employment laws.

Telehealth Leaders and Contractors
  • Director or VP Leaders for Direct Hire
  • Technology Contractors
Experienced Contractors

Our technology contractors augment your team during development, testing, or rollout. Assignments are typically 3+ months. SISKIN takes care of payroll, taxes, insurance, and compliance with state and federal employment laws.

Leaders for Direct Hire

Hire exceptional talent for Director or VP roles in Telehealth product, service, and health system sectors. Quickly harness major growth opportunities by leveraging SISKIN'S Executive Search Services to attract and hire for critical positions.

FAQs for Employers

Benefits of Executive Search
What is the benefit of using a search firm?

Estimates tell us that 75% of the workforce is passive, not looking for a job. This means that a traditional job ad only reaches 25% of the workforce.

Executive search brings the best talent pool to your organization, identifying successful, satisfied leaders who are not job-seeking or attentive to advertising. A search firm will identify qualified people, engage them directly, present your needs and vision, and help them assess the advantages of your opportunity.

Which jobs benefit most from an executive search?

High-value roles in regions with a limited qualified workforce present a good business case for executive search. When the talent is not local, employers look for assistance to directly engage highly qualified people and relocate the right candidate.

Another factor is the opportunity cost of utilizing internal HR resources. Talent acquisition teams in HR are very busy recruiting active candidates, and if a hard-to-fill leadership job is outside the historical trajectory, an internally led search will consume significant resources to the detriment of other organizational priorities.

Our Services
Why use SISKIN?

We distinguish ourselves through quality. Specialization brings expertise, and expertise brings quality, value, and efficiency. We have a deep knowledge of the people side of transplant, and we already know many of the people you would like to hire.

We also have deep knowledge of transplant operations. We quickly understand what you are looking for. We present your opportunity to candidates with credibility, and we only present you with qualified candidates.  

What services do you offer to Transplant Programs and OPOs?

We offer executive search and interim leadership. Executive search provides recruitment of physicians and physician leaders, surgeons, vice presidents, administrators, and directors.

On a contract basis, we provide Interim administrators and directors to bridge gaps in leadership and provide temporary consulting assistance with QAPI and compliance projects.

What services do you offer to Telehealth suppliers and users?

We offer executive search and staff augmentation. Executive search is focused on director-level titles for platform suppliers, integrators, and health systems.

On a contract basis, we provide technical contributors to augment teams developing and implementing Telehealth systems.

What type of investment is involved?

We work on a retained basis for executive search, which provides the lowest total investment and a close partnership.  Contingency searches may be offered if the client's recruiting strategy and the search complexity are appropriate.